Aloha and Welcome

The newly created Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i is pleased to welcome you to its new website. We  are dedicated to identifying, advocating for, and publicizing issues that are critical to the preservation and restoration of the environment at world, national, state, and local levels.

We hope that you will join us in securing a environmentally sustainable future for Hawai’i and its Ohana.


2 responses to “Aloha and Welcome

  1. I just returned from the Peak Oil conference oct 7-9th, Wash., DC. This is my third Peak Oil conference. The consensus of credible sources is that within 2 to 7 years, we will start down the backside of the world oil supply curve. The critical questions is; “what will be the decline rate”? The present world supply is around 85 million barrels per day. If the decline rate is 2 percent; 10 years afternthe declinestarts, we will have 17 million barrels less than we have today. If the decline rate is 4 percent, we will have 34 million barrels per day less than the 85 million barrels per day less. We can easily see oil supply disruptions and possibly resource wars. Certianly we can imagine food riots in third world countries. We should spend all our efforts pushing geothermal as a way of weaning ourselves from oil. It is cheap base power, it emits no green house gas and has less of.a footprint than biofuels and biomass–35 acres for 30MW, compared to 10,000 acres for 25 MW. Myself and Mililani Trask are very concerned about this situation. We want to do this in a cultural appropriate as well as a practical way that helps the rubbah slippah folks. It just happens that what is good for them is good for all. It is my sense that the overwhelming majority of Hawaiians agree with us. We must remember that when electricity prices rise, the folks on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder gets their light s turned off first. Too often they are Hawaiian. Please keep us in the loop.
    Richard Ha

  2. Richard,

    Just visited your website. Very nice to meet you.

    I would love to get you involved in the Caucus. We are looking for subcommittee memebers willing to advise us regarding specific policies to advocate for during the upcomming 2011 legislative session.

    We are planning an advisory General Caucus meeting for either Nov 27, or Dec. 11. We will be inviting people to speak and make specific recommendations.

    I would love for you to join us, eitther in person, or through telecommunication. Please let me know.

    Lynn Marie Sager
    Vice Chair

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