New Subcommitte Chair

Some of you may have heard that Dr. Kioni Dudley had to resign within days of accepting the Subcommittee Chair post for Food Safety and Sustainability on November 17, 2010. He chose to pursue a race for city council, and we wish him the best.

In the meantime, Gary and I have been looking for a replacement, and we are thrilled to announce that Juanita Kawamoto has agreed to accept the position within days of our General Caucus meeting. We will be happy to introduce her to you at that time.

Juanita attended our November 3 meeting, is a member of the Hawaii Famer’s Union, works as a local farmer herself, and is extremely well informed regarding local food issuses. We know that you will find her as dedicated, passionate, and well informed as we did during our informal meeting tonight. In the meantime, here is her contact information.

Subcommittee Chair Juanita Kawamoto

We hope that you will join us in welcoming her aboard at our next General Caucus meeting on December 1.

Lynn Marie Sager


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