Pick your top 3 priorities

This is an initiative of the Resource Management Subcommittee of the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii

This is a poll asking Democratic Party Members to pick their top three bills or resolution to be advocated for in the 2011 legislative session.


One response to “Pick your top 3 priorities

  1. We need to preserve and protect ag-zoned lands. The reason why we are having so much strife and contention in land-use is because the city and state do not hold the line in zoned areas. Ag-zoned and Preservation-zoned are up for grabs to the most powerful and financed developer.

    No developers will drool over ag lands if they do not think they can strong-arm legislators into rezoning these ag lands for exponential profits.
    Once we cement them, they are gone forever.

    We should respect the state General Plan and also the Hawaii 2050 in working towards b self-sufficiency in food and energy.


    Choon James

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