December 29, 2010, Meeting Announcement

Aloha Members of the Environmental Caucus of the DPH

We hope that you are enjoying this holiday season. We just wanted to pass on a quick reminder regarding our upcoming meeting. Hope to see you there…

Steering Committee Meeting Agenda
December 29, 2010

5:45 Door opens, followed by  unofficial holiday hugs

5:55 Meeting called to order with brief introductions all around

6:00 Suzanne Marinelli from the Capitol’s Public Access Room has agreed to join us for the first half hour of our meeting; she will give a brief overview of the legislative process and how the public access room can help us in our advocacy and bill writing efforts. Her presentation will be followed by a short session of questions and answers. Suzanne is a woman we will all want to get to know over the upcoming session. Her job description might as well be “to facilitate, empower, and educate all citizen activists in their quests to becoming politically effective.”

General house keeping:

Secretary’s report: (5 minutes)
Accepting minutes from last meeting

Treasurer’s report: (5 minutes)
Current bank balance
Need for Deputy treasurer (volunteer anyone?)
Fund raising committee report (10 minutes)

Chair’s report: (5 minutes)
Invitation to Legislative meet and greet on January 18
Accepting of calendar for next year’s meetings
Click here to review next year’s proposed calendar

Mary’s At large request: Logo Contest still hasn’t happened. (5 minutes)

Subcommittee chair reports and questions: (10 minutes each)

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 followed by a pot luck holiday celebration.


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