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Tony Austin, our Caucus treasurer, has asked that we post the following information sent to him by Since this important information goes right along with our own 2011 platform to make bike and pedestrian travel an integral transportation mode in the islands, we thought we might oblige. is asking people to sign a pledge in support of safer and better bicycling.

They would also like people to send a short email to their U.S. Representatives, affirming the need for safe and convenient bicycling, and asking their members of Congress to support ongoing funding for bike projects and crucial programs such as Safe Routes to School.

The organization reports that some members of Congress, particularly in the House of Representatives, want to dramatically (and disproportionally) cut the cost-effective federal investment in bicycling projects and programs, like bike paths, bike lanes, trails, and more. They simply don’t know (or overlook) these facts:

* Bicycling and walking are essential to our communities.

* Federal transportation investments that support these activities boost our economy, help individuals and government agencies save money, and directly address key societal challenges such as obesity and road congestion.

* Biking and walking currently total 12% of the trips that Americans make but cost just 1.5% of our transportation spending. That’s the type of cost effectiveness we need now!

You can find statistics and case studies backing up these key points on their website. You can also locate your representative’s e-mail, review a suggested text for you to customize, and send your note directly from their site. Click here for the link to their website.

Finally, if you have action alerts that you feel the Caucus should post, contact with details.



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