Free Advocacy Workshops at the Capitol’s Public Access Room

Discover the Public’s Power in the Legislative Process.

  • Easy ways to add your voice & ideas to the process that determines State laws
  • Overview of the people at the Capitol, what they do, and how and when lawmaking takes place
  • Handy tips for finding the information you need
  • Assistance in writing and delivering effective testimony – at the Capitol or without leaving your home.

The Public Access Room (the “PAR”) conducts free workshops entitled, “We the Powerful!” This 1 hour meeting is designed to demystify the State lawmaking process and will demonstrate ways that people can speak out at the legislature. All are welcome. No prior experience is required.

PAR’s workshop is designed to be useful to both newcomers and veterans of the legislative process. Covered topics include delivering effective testimony, making sense of deadlines, and using the latest innovations on the Legislature’s website. Renewed inspiration to be part of the solution is the overriding theme.

Schedule of workshops

Held in room 401, State Capitol
(415 N. Beretania St. at corner of Punchbowl St.):

January through March, 2011 (starting 1/11/11)

  • Tuesday…………12:00 noon
  • Thursday………….5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday…………11:00 a.m.

To make sure they have enough materials on hand, they ask that you please let them know you’re coming — call 587-0478 or email them at

Live on  a neighbor Island and unable to attend? Check out the handy links below – you can walk yourself through the core of the workshop.  Just call or email PAR if you have questions!

Workshop Material

Download excerpts from, A Participant’s Guide to Hawaii State Legislative Process:

We encourage all of our Caucus members to attend one of these workshops, either in person or by reading through the links above.



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