Steering Committee Meeting Reminder and Proposed Agenda

Our next Steering Committee Meeting is January 26, 2011
Location on Oahu: Democratic Headquarters in Ward Warehouse
Neighbor Islands: Please contact our Committee Vice Chair if you would like to arrange for either Skype or Teleconference.

5:50 Open meeting room at Democratic State Headquarters in Ward Warehouse
6:00 Chair calls meeting to order followed by:

  1. Treasurer and Fund Raising report
    1. Amount in Account
    2. We need to send out a few Thank You Cards
      1. Recommend Bill be our official Thank You Card sender
    3. We will have a Coffee/Malasada booth at World Wetland’s Day–thank you Juanita and Shannon
      1. Can we afford to print the Trifold in time for World Wetland’s Day?
      2. We need three to four more volunteers to man the booth.
    4. Fundraising e-mail nearly ready to go, just waiting to add a PayPal link before sending
      1. Tony working with PayPal to set up official status, so we can place a donation button on the website and add one to our e-mails
  2. Secretary’s Report
    1. Accept minutes from last meeting
  3. Chair Report:
    1. We need to design a policy regarding “Official Caucus Testimony”
      1. Gary will propose a policy, followed by general discussion and confirmation
  4. Vice Chair and Communications Report:
    1. Propose changing the name of the Food Security and Sustainability Subcommittee to include the word farm or Ag
    2. Draft of letter to “New Interested Members” available for those who want it
    3. We need a location for our next General Caucus Meeting on February 23.
      1. Propose a Meeting and Movie Night
    4. February 12 State Central Committee Meeting–we are on the agenda to finalize official Caucus Status with Democratic Party
      1. Lynn, Juanita, and Alan have agreed to attend. Do we need anyone else to attend?

6:30 Subcommittee Reports:
Do we have specific bills that we need to start tracking?

7:00 Robert Harris and Scott Glenn from the Sierra Club’s “Capitol Watch” have agreed to join us and preview their website, including a section of the site that monitors/lists EVERY SINGLE BILL THAT IS PROPOSED by subject matter – Agriculture, Energy etc.  It promises be a valuable tool for our members.

7:30 Meeting officially adjourns followed by an extended general discussion for those who desire one.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting,


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