Action alert HB1385 Shoreline set back

Contact you Mayor and County Council members and ask them to support this bill.
Juanita Kawamoto spoke to Representative Denny Coffman and he stated he and Representative Jerry Chang found that the need for the Hawaii County Council to create a resolution requesting for the set back was needed prior to the State requesting for the bill to be able to give the bill a stronger support from all the various County and State entities.  Rep. Coffman apologized for not mentioning this to you sooner but that right now they are heavily into the session with alot of work piling up.  If you need to talk to Juanita about the meeting which happened this afternoon around 5:30pm She can elaborate but the comments he made seemed to make sense to Juanita that they want to be sure that the county is in full support via resolution and then the State can reaffirm the support by finishing with the bill. I hope this will be of help to you. I did not meet with Rep. Chang as it was stated by Rep. Coffman that the county resolution was the holding point and would remain as long the county did not respond.
a hui hou,
Juanita Kawamoto Brown
Subcommittee Chair
Food an Farm Sustainability
Environmental Caucus
of the Democratic Party of Hawaii

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