We’re Official!

Aloha Members,

As many but not all of you know, the need to create an Environmental Caucus was overwhelming supported at the last State Democratic Convention. Since that time, we have been allowed to function as a Caucus without being officially recognized as a Caucus. In order to become officially recognized, we needed to supply three things:

1) Proof that we meet the minimum requirement of twenty members to form a Caucus. We currently have over 150 members and growing.

2) Proof that we represent more that three counties. We currently have members on every Island with the exception of Moloka’i; so send a copy of this e-mail to your environmentally concerned friends on Molokai’i and ask them to give us a call.

3) Our Bylaws needed to be recommended to the State Central Committee by the Democratic Rules Committee in order for the State Central Committee to officially certify us as a Caucus.

The third requirement was by far our biggest hurdle, and today our Caucus received that recommendation. Following a brief question and discussion period, the State Central Committee overwhelmingly certified our Caucus and welcomed us aboard. So it is official. We are no longer the baby Caucus. We are no longer the Environmental Group. We are officially the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i.

I personally wish to thank those members of our Caucus who attend today’s SCC meeting with me: Alan Burke, Mike DeWeert, Mary Guinger, Juanita Kawamoto, and Charlie Ice. Mike in particular spent many midnight hours putting last-minute touches on the bylaws to ensure the Rules Committee gave us a favorable report. I also want to thank everyone on the rules committee, with a special shout out to Lynne, for working with us ensure that we passed this final hurdle. And more than anything, I want to thank the many dedicated members who worked on writing our bylaws in the first place. I don’t know all your names, but you know who you are. We as a Caucus are grateful.

So let’s take a moment to celebrate.

Next, we need to pick our representatives to the State Central Committee. More about that in my next posting. Just keep February 23 and March 23 available. We have two extremely important General Caucus  Meetings that we would like you all to attend.

More specifics and details  are soon to follow.

Lynn Marie Sager
Vice Chair
Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i


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