Bill Status 2/20/2011


HB 1545 HDI Bread labels – What could be better than fresh bread? Fresh bread that really is fresh! This bill ensures bread cannot be frozen and later sold as “fresh” by requiring the producers to add “Previously Frozen” to their labels. Hearing on WEDNESDAY in Room 325 @ 2:05PM.

(cross w/ HB1068) – This bill would remove the requirement for the Department of Health to adopt rules by the end of 2011 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Hawaii. The argument goes: “the EPA will do this so we don’t need to. Let’s wait and see.” But the EPA hasn’t adopted rules in decades. Meanwhile greenhouse gases are causing oceans to rise and destroy our beaches. Why not let’s act first and set an example? The committee(s) on ENE/HTH has scheduled a public hearing on 02-22-11 2:45PM in conference room 225. You can submit testimony by emailing and referencing the bill number, your name, address, and the date/time of the hearing

HB 1364
– Please make sure this important bill is heard by the Finance Committee. This bill would remove the exemption for dietary supplements from the deposit beverage container program, thereby encouraging the recycling of popularly consumed drinks such as Red Bull and Monster. Currently the manufacturers are using a loophole to avoid being part of this successful beverage container recycling program. Email Representative Marcus Oshiro or call (808) 586-6200 asking him to schedule a hearing by FIN for HB 1364.SB 1059
– This week, the Big Island moved a plastic bag ban bill forward in the Hawaii County Council. This illustrates that a statewide ban is not only within reach, but at the forefront of Hawaii’s sustainability movement. State legislation is needed for consistency across the islands, a decision that would be supported by businesses, especially chains. Help Hawaii become the first to have a statewide plastic bag policy! SB 1059 will have its 2nd and final committee hearing on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 10:15 am in Conference Room 016. Please submit email testimony to and indicate the measure ID, date, and time of the hearing, or at here. To avoid a late status, please submit by 11 am the day prior (Monday) to the hearing.

HB 422 – Please help this bill get a hearing by the Finance Committee as well. This bill would apply the solid waste disposal surcharge to waste that is deposited in landfills, incinerators, or waste-to-energy facilities, whether the waste is disposed of in-state or transferred out-of-state. We support this bill, and feel that surcharge should be increased to fund statewide recycling efforts. Email Representative Marcus Oshiro or call (808) 586-6200 and ask him to make sure FIN hears HB 422.

Resilient Habitats & Healthy Communities

HB 379
Relating to Invasive Species – If passed, this bill would require the Invasive Species Council to periodically update an invasive species list. It would also impose additional penalties for harboring, importing or transporting invasive species with the intent to proliferate, sell or release invasive species in the state. Invasive species can endanger native species. This bill hasn’t been scheduled for a hearing yet. If you want it to stand a chance you need to contact the Chairs of the House Agriculture, Water, Land & Ocean Resources and Judiciary committees.SB 80 SD 1
Relating to the Climate Change Task Force – The purpose of this bill is to extend the existence of the climate task force until 06/30/2013. It ensures the task force will receive funds to continue its work tracking the impact of climate change on the visitor industry, intra- and interstate air and sea transport, existing buildings, health of the people and native plants, animals and ecosystems. Submit testimony in support of this bill here.

HB1385 Big Island Stateland Coastal Setback is dead.
SB120 terminating all special funds has been deferred by WAM

Clean Energy
SB1197 requiring alternate energy provisions be designed in new schools and major school renovations referred to WAM 2/14.

Invasive Species
SB169 provides for dogs to check containers for explosives. Referred to WAM 2/10
SB170 provides container inspection for alien spp.  Dead
SB1367 Repeal designation of feral animals and deregulate hunting.  single referral to WLH
HB865 Inspection fee for container inspection referred to FIN

HB221 Related to deep ocean mariculture.
SB1156 Committee to study need for farm coops – Dead

Plastic Bags
SB1059 Referred to JDL hearing scheduled for 2/22
HB988 Referred to FIN on 2/18
SB1316 Referred to WAM on 218

For more information on any of these bills go to  Click on Bill Status & Documents and do a search on the bill number.



One response to “Bill Status 2/20/2011

  1. Thanks for the update Bill. I also had a very informative, and educational experience at the Legislative workshop on 2/17/11 at 5pm at the state capitol. I recommend it to all! Mahalo!

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