Leg update 3/9/11- Natural Resources subcommittee

The Natural Resources Subcommitte identified three priorities.  A few bills relating to these priorities are still alive.

HB1385 Big Island Stateland Coastal Setback is dead.  Debbie Hecht is working to build more Big Island support.  It will be back next session.
SB120 terminating all special funds has been amended.  SD1 is much more selective and left most special funds alone.

Invasive Species
SB169 provides for dogs to check containers for explosives. Crossed over to Senate.
SB170 provides container inspection for alien spp.  Dead

HB865 Inspection fee for container inspection Crossed over tho the senate

Plastic Bags
SB1059 crossed over to House.  It will ban the use of plastic bags by large stores.

We need someone to track and coordinate testimony on HB 865 this bill establishes an inspection fee which will find container inspections which Identify invasive alien species.

SB 1059 will ban the  distribution of plastic bags by larger stores. We need someone to track this bill and coordinate testimony.

There was strong support for a plastic bag ban and for container inspection at the caucus meeting where we voted on our priorities. If container inspection or banning plastic shopping bags is an important issue step forward and track these issues and make sure these few remaining bills move forward to final approval

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