SB 199 – Increases the net metering system size cap. This bill scheduled to be heard by Energy & Environmental Protection on Thursday, 03-17-11 9:40AM in House conference room 325

Please submit testimony now here

Attend in person if you are available.


Lisa Hinano Rey
Energy & Climate Change Subcommittee
Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party


  1. Aloha Lisa,

    Will you be officially testifying in support of this bill for the Caucus, either on line or in person? Since this bill directly influence the Smart Grid direction supported by our Caucus, I think we need to send an official testimony as well as individual testimonies.


    • Lynn,

      I did submit personal testimony for this however I was thinking that it was outside of the three issues. I guess I should have run it by you. Hopefully Mary, Bill South or Tony can appear tomorrow in person to testify officially for the caucus.

      Here is a draft of what I would like to submit officially. What do you think? Please edit where you think you can help.

      If I fax this to the office of committee chair Denny Coffman will he have to submit the testimony tomorrow? Is there a way for me to hand deliver the testimony letters early in the morning without staying for the hearing?



      March 16, 2011 Testimony in Support of Senate Bill 199 My name is Lisa Hinano Rey, and I am currently a Committee Chair of the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i. I wish to testify in support of Senate Bill 199 – Relating to Net Metering Currently, many of Hawaii’s residents are in need of relief from high energy costs. It is critical that we do everything possible to encourage growth of alternative energies. This includes legislation to allow individuals who have invested in alternative energy to benefit financially. Without this type of legislation, we have removed the incentive for individuals to implement alternative energy solutions. The State of Hawaii needs to set aggressive policies that will enable us to meet our Clean Energy Goals. Senate Bill 199 will be a positive step in the right direction. Please support SB199.

      Thank you for the opportunity to provide testimony.

      Lisa Hinano Rey

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