Undersea Power Cable – Lanai/Molokai to Oahu

The following information has been distributed by Friends of Lanai:

Hawaiian Electric’s (HECO) premature and cost-shifting legislation (HB1176 and SB367) has now “crossed-over” to the other legislative body (HB1176 is now being reviewed in the Senate, and SB367 is now in the House.)  As you remember, this legislation shifts ALL COSTS for the undersea cable to the ratepayers of Hawaii — you and me.  The testimony submitted for these bills was overwhelmingly in opposition — almost 50 comments were received, and only HECO submitted testimony in favor of the bill.

In part due to the testimonies received from Lana’i residents, thirteen (13) Senators and four (4) Representatives voted “with reservations.”  That means that it is possible to stop — or at least defer — this bill.

The first of two hearings comes this Thursday, at 11:00 AM.  Your testimony must be received by 11:00 AM on Wednesday.   We know that doesn’t give you much time, but at the least, send something like this:

“I oppose SB 367 S.D. 3. It is premature and not in the best interests of Hawai`i’s ratepayers or the people of Lana`i or Moloka`i.  Please defer this Bill.”

Below is how you submit whatever you want to say.  We know most of you submitted something the first time this came up last month; now we need to speak up again.

To submit testimony do the following:

1) go to this site:

2) Type in “SB 367” in the space at #1, the click on “get hearing”

3) The date, time, etc. will appear in green

4) Then under #3, enter your personal information

5) Then scroll down to the “additional comments” box, add your testimony into the box

6) Then click the little “I agree to terms” box at the bottom, and hit “SUBMIT”


Friends of Lanai
P.O. Box 631739
Lanai City, HI 96763

One response to “Undersea Power Cable – Lanai/Molokai to Oahu

  1. The neighbor island wind farms and the connecting undersea cable are complex and controversial. The environmental caucus has discussed this project but has not reached a consensus.

    Shifting all costs to the ratepayers could/will have a major impact on rate payers and we should understand the impact of ratepayer financing on our utility bills.

    Under the Lingle plan, constructing the cable would be financed by CIP. This is a major change in how the project will be financed.

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