paper and plastic bags

Once again Hawaii has an opportunity to lead America on an important environmental issue: we could be the first state in the nation to significantly reduce consumption of throwaway paper and plastic bags.

We’ve reached a make or break moment – a pivotal point where a little public action could be enough to secure victory. The bill to impose a fee on most single-use paper or plastic bags, is really close to passage.

We already pay for these bags, but the cost is hidden in the overall price of the products we buy. Experience in other states and countries has proved that once people are made aware of what these bags cost – by being required to pay a small fee per bag at the checkout- they change their behavior and start to employ reusable bags.

The bill has just one last committee to pass, Finance, and then a vote in the full House and Senate.

We think 500 emails, phone calls, or public calls for its passage would probably be enough to get it passed. Wouldn’t you like to be one of those 500?

It’s really easy – just email all the Senators and all the members of the House of Representatives with a single click on each of these links below:

Say something along these lines:

  • I strongly support legislative efforts to reduce the use of paper and plastic bags.
  • Over 12,000 plastic bags are used in the United States every second.
  • In this country we consume an astounding 100 billion throwaway plastic bags every year made from some 12 million barrels of oil.
  • These bags clog our streets, foul our open space, pollute our fragile marine environment and kill thousands if animals every year.

Please pass SB1363 and protect Hawaii’s fragile environment from the millions of bags wasted each year.

And once you’ve done that, could you recruit a friend or two to join in?  Forward this to everyone you know and have them click here.

Bill Sager

2 responses to “paper and plastic bags

  1. This post was based on Capitol Watch announcement. It fails to point out the HD1 reduces the fee to 5 cents from 25 cents and deposits all funds to the general fund. I just checked SB1363 at I know better, I should have checked original sources before making this post.

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