We need an effective food safety system

We need a state-designed food safety system that is science-based; that includes our farmers and leads us to food security and sustainability.

Check out this the editorial

2 responses to “We need an effective food safety system

  1. The common sense approach to a healthy Hawaii would be to make
    available fresh local foods. The nutritional value of food is higher when
    there is a shorter time between the garden and the table. This will also
    cut down on the possibility of spoilage, thus deleterious effects of ingesting
    unhealthy food.
    If fresh, local food is made available as viable choices for families we can
    cut down on the consuming of dyes, preservatives that can’t be pronounced,
    and “dead” foods. Life gives “Life” so let’s remember the importance of
    having fresh vegetables right from the garden. And of course the bottom
    line is, they taste much better than when they are canned or frozen.
    What better way to know where your food comes from than to visit the
    local farmers market. We have wonderful rich soil here in Hawaii and can
    grow fruits and vegetables year round. Let’s be Healthy.

  2. Sara, All true of course. For anyone who doesn’t want to grow a garden at least go to a local only farmers market.

    The point of the article is that California’s “leefy greens” safe foods certification is designed to protect factory farms from competition from small farmers. Most of our grocer chains refuse to accept local grown because very few of our small farmers are certified. We need a science based system that assures us safe food without penalizing local farmers.

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