Surviving Bills – Resolutions needed.

The legislature is winding down.  Bills are either in conference or ready for a floor vote.  The following conservation bills where in conference as of Friday, 4/9/11,  You cannot testify.  You can listen and you can talk to committee members when you can catch them at a free time.

SB120 SD 1 – The Legacy Land Fund Bill is still alive and has been placed on the calendar for third reading.  It was heard on Wed. by House Finance, passed out of Committee on Thur with amendments.  The original version proposed to zero out legacy for the next two years.  The amendment proposes to reduce the allocation of the real estate conveyance tax from 10 percent to 5 percent.  So rather than 4.5 mill or so, the Legacy fund would get about 2.25M.  About 400K of that is reserved for invasive species (internally through DOFAW), and about 500K for staffing and internal costs.  That leaves a little over 1.25M for land conservation projects.  A victory of sorts in these hard time. (this is the current version of the bill)

Our next challenge is to create resolutions to be submitted to the Oahu County Convention.  Resolutions are due by April 25.  Take a look at the priority issues we discussed and voted on last fall.  Pick an issue you are passionate about, create a resolution and get it to our steering committee meeting April 20.

This is our chance to influence the party platform.



HB865 Inspection fee increased from 50 cents to 75 cents per 1000 pounds of frieght for container inspection  Recommend for 3rd Reading 4/8/2011

cargo inspection is necessary to prevent introduction of invasive alien spp. to the state.


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