Community based management threatened again.

this was sent to me by Michelle Matson.  Sorry to find out about this so late.

Community based management is the heart of traditional Aha Moku as it was conceived and practiced by the first Hawaiians.  It is also how we keep our leaders honest.  The Hawaii Community Development Authority has been deeply involved in creating a master plan for Kaka`ako Makai.  Now that planning is being undone by HB680.

This is an ill conceived bill pushed by developers who want high density development.  Rather than encouraging and supporting community based management, this bill will gag the peoples voice.

The Democratic Party despirately needs to have a platform plank supporting community based management based on Aha Moku as originally conceived.  The bringing together of the experts and stake holders to determine the future of their ahapua`a.

Bill Sager

A Message from Michelle Matson


on the

Aloha ELN members:
Tomorrow, Tuesday May 3, will be the final floor vote by the State Senate and House to determine the fate of House Bill 680. This bill repeals the Hawaii Community Development Authority’s requirement to collaborate with and consider the recommendations of the community-based Kaka’ako Makai Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC) on any plans for Kaka’ako Makai.

The CPAC has maintained their commitment to the future of Kaka’ako Makai in the public interest for this last remaining open shoreline area that will serve Honolulu’s growing urban population. The CPAC has worked diligently over the past four years to achieve community consensus in developing the Vision and Guiding Principles for the Kaka’ako Makai Master Plan and community consensus on the park features and public cultural facilities needed and desired by the community for this vital community cultural gathering place.

However, despite the CPAC’s achievements through community consensus building and stakeholder interaction, this year at the State Legislature the CPAC has been targeted with House Bill 680, repeal of the statute enabling the CPAC’s recognized advisory role in conducting public forums to communicate, collaborate and be consulted on the final Master Plan for the future of Kaka’ako Makai. Coupled with this bill were testimonies from certain development interests and their followers engaged in misrepresentations and misstatements to discredit the CPAC.

No valid reason has been given for this shocking attack on the democratic process intended to silence the community’s important public voice. But is now understood that known developers and the HCDA no longer want community-based planning to interfere with their own plans for high density retail and residential development alien to and apart from the community-based Master Plan.

Find below what the responsible community, including professional and community organizations, environmental and recreational groups, local business owners and concerned individuals say in response to this unwarranted and vicious attack carried out through House Bill 680.

If you are concerned with the ill-directed attempt of House Bill 680 to:
– Repeal Public Collaboration
– Restrict Public Participation
– Cancel Consensus Building
Stifle the Public Voice in the Futureof Kaka’ako Makai,
please phone your own state senator and representative NOW, before tomorrow’s vote, and tell them:

“Please vote against House Bill 680.”

Locate your senator’s contact information HERE and
your representative’s contact information HERE

House Speaker Speaker Calvin Say
phone: 808-586-6100
fax: 808-586-6101

Senate President Shan S. Tsutsui
phone: 808-586-7344
fax: 808-586-7348


American Institute of Architects
AIA  Honolulu
“By eliminating the Citizen Advisory Council (CPAC) for Kakaako, this bill would remove public participation and the opportunity for public consensus from the planning of Kakaako Makai. … AIA Honolulu urges legislators to reject this bill as written.”

Office of Hawaiian Affairs
“The office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) OPPOSES HB 680 … We urge lawmakers, the HCDA and the community to explore alternative ways to make the CPAC more effective.  Therefore, OHA urges the committee to HOLD HB 680.”

Hawaii’s Thousand Friends
“Hawaii’s Thousand Friends opposes HB 680… We urge you to not silence the public’s voice and to hold HB 680.”

Sierra Club O’ahu Group
“The Sierra Club O’ahu Group (SCOG) strongly opposes HB 680 … we do not believe the Legislature would be serving the best interests of the citizens of Honolulu by silencing the voice of the community.”

Surfrider Foundation Hawaii
“… Please do not pass this disrespectful bill because it will only lead to anger and division in the community and similar demonstrations to the ones five years ago that helped Save Kakaako Makai. …”

The Outdoor Circle
“… You have a choice.  You can hold this legislation and affirm there is a place for public involvement in community planning or you can pass it and know that you are directly undermining the ability to attract citizens and legitimate stakeholders into future participation in projects of this type. …”

Dexter Okada, HCDA Board Member
“I am a member of the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA … testifying as an individual who participated in the Save Our Kaka`ako coalition and a current participant of the Kaka’ako Makai Community Advisory Council (CPAC). Much of Kaka ‘ako Makai is public land and many in the public have shown great interest in the future of Kaka ‘ako Makai.  “CPAC’s meetings are open to everyone. … CPAC is the venue for public input and collaboration and all that is required is participation.”

Reg White, Kewalo Basin Tour Market Stakeholder
Paradise Cruises
“… This poorly conceived bill is obviously promoted by a frustrated HCDA management that wants the freedom to run amok once again with the public’s asset.  This is about the last of the valuable waterfront property left in the Waikiki/Honolulu area and we will only get one chance to do this right, so let’s keep the safety valve of the CPAC oversight in place as originally intended by this legislature!  Hold this bill!”

Bob Miller, Advanced Restaurant Management Ltd.
“I oppose repealing the requirement that HCDA collaborate with CPAC when considering development of the Kaka’ako makai area.  … It would be the height of folly for the State to ignore the input of its citizens when deciding how to develop the Kaka’ako Makai area.  I urge you to recommend that this bill NOT be passed.”

Nancy L. Hedlund Ph.D
“It is with shock and disappointment that I learn that any reasonable citizen or public servant would advance a bill such as HB 680 to abolish ANY community citizen advisory group on any grounds… I respectfully urge you NOT to advance this most unfortunate bill. …  What kind of society do we live in, here in Hawaii, if the State government seeks to abolish the rights of citizens to speak and be heard on matters of direct concern to Hawaii’s well being, now and into future generations?”

Ricardo Trimillos
Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame
“This testimony opposes the elimination of the CPAC as an advisory body to the plans for Kaka’ako Makai.  The dedication of this area to cultural and public use is important for the stewardship of the wellbeing of Hawaiian culture as the host culture and the larger culturescape of local cultures in Hawai’i.”

Robert H. Richmond
Kewalo Marine Laboratory
“I am submitting this testimony in strong opposition to HB 680 which aims to repeal the requirement that the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) consults with the Kaka’ako Makai Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC… I hope the members of the Hawaii State legislature will consider the vision developed by the CPAC, and insure that this is the guidance used for this very special and important area of Honolulu.”

Ron Iwami
Friends of Kewalos
…”We believe in the intent of CPAC which is to bring the public voice to the table.  Please do not take this important right away. …”

Eric K. Keawe
“I am remitting my testimony in opposition to HB 680.  This is a very abrupt decision from which I do not know where it came… The current law requires CPAC to be involved in the development process by being the voice of the people.  This is a very rude bill and should be denied.”

Lydi Morgan Bernal
“I strongly oppose this bill….  I have personally been to many meetings where CPAC members have been involved.  … members that have spent HUNDREDS of hours in service and dedication to Hawaii’s people and the special place that is Kaka’ako Makai. … PLEASE do what is right and KILL THIS BILL.”

James M.K. Stone, Jr., President
Hawaiian Music and Dance Foundation
“… It is fair to say that the development of Kaka’ako Makai has experienced serious challenges which to a great extent have arisen form a sense that the community did not always have an opportunity to provide meaningful input … To the extent CPAC’s legislative mandate is withdrawn, an important voice of the people will be silenced.”

William Feltz, Community Performing Arts Stakeholder
East-West Center Arts Program Manager
“I testify in opposition to HB 680… I have been one of many (50+) community stakeholders faithfully attending the Community Planning Advisory Council for more than three years.  The CPAC has been a conduit for many diverse viewpoints, and it has come up with a solid consensus on guiding principles and a vision for the area that is community-based.  This CPAC has continued to this day to serve as the voice of the community, with the hope that this precious Kaka’ako Makai can eventually be a gathering place serving a wide spectrum of community needs. … Please do not approve legislation that inhibits, rather than encourages, community input!”

Elizabeth Reilly
“I testify in opposition to HB 680, relating to Kaka’ako Makai. … Without continued and formalized input, the HCDA risks departure from the community wants and needs; if this happens, once again there will be backtracking, as there was after the A&B “luxury condo” fiasco.  It is best to stay the course – do not support HB 680 as it is unfair legislation.”


One response to “Community based management threatened again.

  1. This is way late in the game, so I doubt anyone is noticing — I’ll have to contact others separately…
    This brings up a few issues –
    1) I concur completely with the community-based “AhaMoku” standard for encouraging resource management; where it can be found effective, it must be nurtured, not stymied;
    2) Sea-level rise is a certainty at this point, sorrily, as we have done nothing to reverse the rise of climate-changing atmospheric emissions. Therefore the idea of investing heavily into high-density development at this location is a non-starter. Indeed there are at least a couple of issues incorporated into the need for a redesign of central Honolulu for this certainty: both the establishment of a seawall to protect against the further uncertainty of additional rise and buying time to reconstruct the town in ways to restore some original patterns of the underlying landscape; and the design itself, to accommodate as much of existing development on higher ground, using a mauka-makai axis for peninsular/embayment strategy. Dismantling and moving existing developments to higher ground, includes the full gamut of land uses, from public emphasis shoreward to public spaces immediately mauka, to residential/commercial farther mauka, using rezoning and transfer of development rights. This will affect thousands of interests, including real estate (the most short-sighted and conversative of all), but doable with public support.
    Riparian zones should be enhanced/restored and connected with e embayment aspect of the new pattern.
    Transportation must also be reconsidered, as the cross-town traffic must move mauka from the makai boulevard, with land uses mixed and intensified to accommodate a world without abundant cheap oil (bicycles, buses); rail transit serving the inundation zones has passed the window of opportunity — sorry, guys — and heavy rail transit in a world without abundant cheap oil is the latest oxymoron.

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