UH Manoa: ” students, staff, and faculty would, if they felt safer, commute to campus by bicycle”

Campus supports alternative transportation options
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Original Post by:
Ann Sakuma
Asst to the VC for Admin, Fin & Oper, Chancellor’s Office
Posted: May. 27, 2011

In light of recent and upcoming improvements and resurfacing of surrounding streets, the University of Hawaii at Manoa has shared the following statement today with the city Department of Transportation Services.

“UH Manoa is committed to supporting alternative modes of transportation in our island state to address the compounding problems related to both pollution and congestion and to promote sustainable means of travel. The campus has begun work on a comprehensive transportation demand management plan that seeks to shift the commuter mode split, hoping to increase the number of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and carpoolers accessing the campus and surrounding community.

“A recent geographic analysis suggests that more than 26 percent of the student, staff, and faculty population live within one (1) mile of the main campus boundaries. Additionally, our recent transportation survey of the campus community found an alarming number of students, staff, and faculty who would, if they felt safer, commute to campus by bicycle. Thus, the street network directly around the campus is critical to ensuring safe travel for bicyclists and pedestrians. We believe significant benefits could be realized through a street design that includes bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in and around the university and surrounding communities. Making these types of improvements will help impact commuting behavior by increasing the attractiveness of bicycle and other environmentally friendly forms of travel.

“As we continue to strive to be an environmentally responsible university, we greatly appreciate the continued support and mutual collaboration as the department reviews infrastructural improvement options in our neighboring communities. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance moving sustainable transportation initiatives forward. Mahalo nui loa.”


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