Comments on Oahu General Plan due 8/30

FYI, submitted by Kione Dudley


“The current City administration thinks a nice four lane highway should be built around the island to accommodate all the fine new folks coming to the La’ie and Turtle Bay hotels.  They also think a beautiful Ho’opili development should line the freeway from Waipahu to Kapolei so that we can finally fill in those ugly gaps, and have a solid line of houses from one end of the island to the other, like a real city.  Koa Ridge needs to be paved over so big-city tourists headed up H-2 won’t be frightened getting so far away from civilization.  And the Rail…what fool would not want the Rail up there, screeching along in the sky, while we screech into personal and civic bankruptcy!   Every kid deserves a debt burden that will make his or her life more miserable, something he can proudly pass on to his own kids.”


Click here to study the plan.


Express your opinion of the Oahu General Plan


The survey is available on-line through September 1, 2011 (11:59 pm)


This is one of the tools being used to gauge public perception about the issues being considered for the General Plan Update.  Such issues, which are critical to residents’ quality of life, include economic health, regional population and growth, agriculture, affordable housing, and sustainability.  The survey is completely anonymous and takes about 10 minutes to complete.



Send in your written comments by the September 1, 2011 deadline

Tell us what you like about the current General Plan and what you would like changed, or let us know your comments on the Key Planning Issues and background trend reports (posted on-line at


Email comments to or fax to 808-545-2050 by September 1, 2011.


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