Aloha Members of the Environmental Caucus of Hawai’i,

I wanted to remind you all that we have an important General Membership Meeting tomorrow, Sunday. We will be voting on a number of important issues, so please try to attend. Here are the details:
Environmental Caucus’s next General Membership Meeting will be held:

Date:             Sunday, September 18, 2001

Time:             1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Location:       State Democratic Headquarters
1050 Ala Moana Blvd, #2660
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 596-2980

Neighbor Island teleconference number:
(218) 632-0550
Participant Access Code:

Proposed Agenda:

o   1:00 Room Open
o   1:30 Special Announcement from Chair Gary Hooser
o   Report on Bylaw Updates and Vote to approve proposed changes

  • We would like to expand the Steering Committee so that each neighbor island has a voting representative
  • We have been told that now that our Caucus is official, we need to change the name of the Steering Committee to Executive Committee
  • We would like to create a way for absent Steering Committee members (or should I say Executive Committee members) to vote by proxy.  Currently, in order to vote, members must be present.
  • At the meeting, we intend to present these changes to you and ask that you vote to accept them

o   Voting for new Executive Committee Members:

  • Christian Adams had to resign from the Steering Committee because of his ever-filling schedule. We will be looking to fill this position.
  • We would also like to vote for any new At-Large Neighbor Island Representatives should the bylaw changes be approved.
  • IMPORTANT: If you would like to be nominated to the Steering Committee, please contact and indicate your interest.
  • We are still looking for someone willing to take on the job of Secretary. Mike has been swamped has had a hard time fulfilling his office.

o   Overview of our Strategic Plan for the next legislative session, including the need for Primary Citizen Advocates
o   Follow-Up on our “Roundtable Discussion Series, including “A Caucus Recommendation Letter” for moving forward.
o   Announcement of Caucus Anniversary Event scheduled for the 22nd of October at 6:00 pm.

As you can see by the proposed agenda, we have a lot of important information to discuss and vote on. Please make it a priority to attend.

Finally, I am hoping to test a new computer teleconference option called Wiggio. If you cannot attend in person, are computer literate, and would like to try attending through video conferenceing, please let me know via email. I will send you an invitation to our video conference group on Wiggio. We will be testing it before the meeting (about 1:00). If all goes well, we will have the video conference connected for the entire meeting.

Lynn Marie Sager
Vice Chair
Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i


  1. Russ H. Robinson (Big Island Democratic party, Dist. 6

    I find that I can no longer serve the caucus.

    Accordingly I hereby and here with resign.

    Mahalo for all your efforts, and good luck to you all.

    A hui hou

    Russ Robinson Hawaii Island Dist 6

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