Needed – Citizen Advocate

The Environmental Caucus is asking its members to become Citizen Advocates.
We need people who will volunteer to advocate for an issue of their choice.

We know people participate in the Environmental Caucus for their own reasons. Some just want to know what’s going on. That’s fine, and will do our best to keep you informed about issues and will occasionally ask you to support a position or take a poll.

Now we need, and what Hawaii needs, are Citizen Advocates who will embrace an issue and work to resolve it. You can see a list of issues that have come before the Caucus by going to, or you can bring your own issue to the Caucus Executive Committee. If the Executive Committee supports it, you can potentially have the influence of the Democratic Party behind what you are trying to accomplish. The Environmental Caucus also provides advocacy training, shows you how to use the Legislative Reference Bureau database to track legislation and how to use the Hawaii Policy Portal to assist you in building support for/against legislation.

Work with the subcommittee chairs to make sure they know what you’re doing and can help you with your advocacy.

The subcommittees and their chairs are:

Food and Farm Sustainability, Juanita Kawamoto–Brown,, 808-330-6224
Energy and Climate, Lisa Rey,, 672-2202
Natural Resource Management, Bill Sager,, 375-1114

We have 3 ways of communicating with you:

1. You can subscribe to our blog. We use the blog for informal discussions. Anyone can comment to express their opinions. We encourage everyone whether or not they are a Democrat to participate in our discussions. You can find our blog at  When you subscribe, you will get an e-mail notifying you when there has been a blog comment or update.
2. You can join our e-mail list. We use this list for official Caucus communications. This is where we inform you of the official policies which have been adopted and other actions by the Caucus. Join our mailing list by looking for “join our e-mail list” on the blog navigation bar.
3. Occasionally we asked the Democratic Party to send an e-mail blast to all their members. If you are getting the Democratic party e-mails but not the caucus e-mails you have not joined our mailing list.

Democratic Party caucuses are autonomous. Once the Environmental Caucus has voted to support your issue you may say in your testimony that the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party supports your testimony. Of course, it is best that you have written testimony that the Environmental Caucus has voted to support. However, we recognize that you often have to respond to a hearing and as long as you indicate the Environmental Caucus supports the issue you’re free to testify as you see fit. You can only say that the Democratic Party supports an issue if you can refer to a resolution adopted at the State Party Convention.


One response to “Needed – Citizen Advocate

  1. Awesome Bill! I want to learn how to become a citizen advocate! Mahalo!
    Anthony Tony Austin

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