agricultural committee will be hearing this ECDPH platform issue February 1, 2012, Wednesday morning at 8am in Room 312 of the Hawaii State Capitol.  We need to send in or personally attend and give public testimony from the people of Hawaii who are concerned and support local livestock farming and true food security.  ECDPH first  introduced this bill last year.  ECDPH can now stand proud that our voices have been heard, in the efforts to support the need for local agribusiness cooperatives that will support many small family farmers as one united voice.  Hawaii farmers can maintain economic self sustainability by supporting or creating small local feed mills within a good agribusiness cooperative.  The 2011 Oahu County Democratic convention agreed with the ECDPH and supported and adopted Resolution SCR 81 as part of the Oahu County Democratic convention platform. We will be encouraging the State Democratic convention to adopt this same resolution to provide the support for programs regarding Agribusiness Cooperatives and local feed mill production across Hawaii nei.

Please send in your testimony and let our legislators at the State Capitol know we are waiting for solutions to food security for all people of Hawaii.

Please click on this link attached and say yes I support HB2363 :


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