HB1893 will exempt State and County projects from EIS review.

HB1893 proposes to exempt all state and county projects from Chapter 343 (Hawaiiʻs EIS law). Despite the liberal use of the word “narrow,” the exemption is actually quite broad — any project the Governor or Mayor deems worthy of exemption.

This is the most dangerous bill in my memory.  It has been re-referred to JUD.  By bypassing other committees this bill becomes exempt from dieing at 1st lateral.  Speaker Say has put this bill on the fast track to move forward.  Call the finance committee and express your concern.


3 responses to “HB1893 will exempt State and County projects from EIS review.

  1. Interesting! Why would any committee or government want to move forward on a project without knowing how it would affect the environment! Doesn’t sound like good stewardship to me!!!!!!!

  2. Damian McPherson

    This is amazing that they would allow this after what happened with the superferry and Lingle!!!!

  3. The Governor wants to be able to push his projects through without any public oversight and of course he is so environmentally aware that his projects never need environmental review. If this was in effect when the Super Ferry was here, the Super Ferry would have been exempted from the EIS requirement and the ferry would still be hear.

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