Call to action – SB 2511 SD 2 HD 2

Posted by request of Marjorie Ziegler, ED Conservation Council for Hawaii. Not a position of the Democratic Party, Environmental Caucus.

Aloha, everyone.  Please call Rep. Marcus Oshiro, Chair of House Finance Committee, at 808 586-6200 today and ask him to please schedule a hearing for SB 2511 SD 2 HD 2 (the plastic bag fee bill).  Today (Friday, March 30) is the last day for Rep. Oshiro to schedule a hearing for this important bill.  The bill has already passed four House committees and two Senate Committees.

This bill encourages folks to use reusable bags, cuts down on energy, transportation, and solid waste costs, and perhaps most importantly, helps fund the State’s new watershed protection initiative “Hahai no ka ua i ka ulu la’au” “The Rain Follows the Forest.  Currently, we protect only 10% of our essential watersheds; the initiative proposes to double that to 20% in the next 10 years – a very good start if you drink water, bathe, and care about freshwater and our forested watersheds.

Please call Rep. Oshiro now if can.  This one’s very important.  Let’s not let such a good bill get tabled by one person/committee in the legislature.  Imua!

Mahalo nui loa!

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