HB 2483, HD1 Plastic Bag Bill

This call to action is posted for those who are interested in the plastic bag bill which will require vendors charge a fee for disposable bags with said fee funding the DLNR watershed initiative.  The Environmental Caucus supports HB2483.

HB2483 will be heard 4/3/12 at 2:45pm in rm 225.

If you can submit testimony personally, please do so.

If you prefer to submit you testimony electronically, here are the details.

To submit testimony:

1) go to this site:  http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/submittestimony.aspx

2) Type in “HB1893” in the box under “enter a measure” and click on “submit”

3) The date, time, etc. for the hearing will appear in green

4) Then enter your personal information, click on “individual” and click “oppose”

5) Then scroll down to the “additional comments” box, add your personal comments/
sentences into the box (OR write up your comments and save as a document, use the “browser” box, and it will upload for you).

6) Then click the little “I agree to terms” box at the bottom, and hit “SUBMIT”

It will automatically be sent to the Chair of the Committee.


2 responses to “HB 2483, HD1 Plastic Bag Bill

  1. This bill was originally the Administration’s Climate Change Adaptation Policy. The bill was purged and the plastic bag language was inserted. You can help our efforts if you support the plastic bag bill and also request that the Committee add the language from HB2483 HD1 back into the bill as well. To learn more about the climate change policy, please read the “Final Report Relating to Global Warming, 2009 Hawaii Special Session, Act 20,” available at http://hawaii.gov/dbedt/main/about/annual/2011-reports/2011-global-warming.pdf.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. The Sierra Club distributed a call to action asking people to call in support of the Senate version of this bill. The Senate version is held in committee and had to be scheduled for hearing yesterday 3/30 in order to meet the 72 hr notice, be heard on Monday and meet the 12pm 3/4 decking deadline. The Sierra Club calls HB3483 a bit of a red herring. Not so, HB2483 is ENE/WAM joint referral with both committees hearing the bill and deciding on it together. The Senate bill is dead unless Senate Leadership waves the 72 hr notice requirements. HB2483 is our best chance to get a throw away bag user fee. SUBMIT YOU TESTIMONY at http://capitol.hawaii.gov.

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