Impacts of the Marine Aquarium Trade

Please mark your calendars and attend this Earth Day educational presentation on Tuesday, April 24, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, at the NOAA Humpback Whale Sanctuary Office in Hawai’i Kai (6600 Kalanianaole Highway, Suite 301) Impacts of the Marine Aquarium Trade. Learn the facts behind this politically charged issue and growing statewide call to end reef wildlife export for the aquarium hobby.

Impacts of aquarium trade

Impacts of aquarium trade

Rene Umberger, director of For the Fishes, will address the various impacts of the marine aquarium trade. Most people are surprised to learn that 95% of all saltwater aquarium animals are wild caught — and that the aquarium trade annually plucks over 30 million fish from coral reefs worldwide to fill hobby tanks. The aquarium trade in Hawai’i is causing significant problems to reefs and wildlife in addition to injury and early deaths to the animals. Hawai’i residents and county governments are calling for a ban on the trade. This presentation reviews these issues and the ongoing efforts to protect Hawai’i’s coral reefs and wildlife.


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