HB468 corrects a conflict of interest

HB468 is not an environmental bill and it hasnʻt even been discussed by the Environmental Caucus.  It is not a position of the Democratic Party.  However, it is a concern for everyone who wants open, honest and ethical government.

HB468 corrects a glaring conflict of interest in the way County Ethics Commissioners are selected.   Hb 468 was to be voted on the house floor this morning for final reading today, Wednesday April 25. However, it was deferred for one day.  We understand some legislators are lobbying to kill the bill.

It’s very important to contact the house Reps by email and phone call and encourage them to them support for HB468. Tell them you want clean, ethical and transparent government and this conflict of interest must be corrected.

These are the key legislators to contact:

Souki (586-9444) e-mail: repsouki@capitol.hawaii.gov

Kawakami (586- 8435) repkawkami@capitol.hawaii.gov

Tokioka  (586- 6270) reptokioka@capitol.hawaii.gov

Do this as soon as possible. HB468 will go to floor vote tomorrow morning.

As u may know, hb 468 means to Increase government accountability and transparency and eliminate the existing conflict of interest for our mayors and their selected County Ethics Commissioners.

As of now, the commissioners are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council – the very same individuals over whom the commissioners have to enforce ethics laws.

Simply put, There has to be a better process. More importantly, there has to be a better government.

There needs to be a high standard of integrity and morality in our government service.

For obvious reasons, those who have to gain will oppose this bill…

it would eliminate impartiality. In other words, It may serve those individuals political objectives.

  • The current selection of county ethics commissioners violates Article XIV (14) of the Hawaii State Constitution, which specifically states

“ethics commissioners shall be selected in a manner which assures their independence and impartiality”.

  • Again, HB468  sets forth an improved process for selecting commissioners, it has nothing to do with home rule.
  • In fact, the process which is suggested by this measure would reflect how the State Ethics Commission and the State campaign spending commissions are currently selected.




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