SB755 exempting government projects from environmental review

Urgent action request from the Environmental Caucus. This is not a position of the Democratic Party. 

Our only chance to stop this legislation is to influence the floor votes.  Email our legislators at and and tell them to vote NO on SB755.

SB 755 (the “gut and replace bill”) seemed dead because no conference conferees were selected by either the House or the Senate. But wait! There’s a maneuver that legislators can use to pass a bill. The House can agree with the Senate’s version during the floor vote on Tuesday 5/1 and then vote on it.

In the 4/26/12 Civil Beat article, “Is Calvin Say Holding the Budget Hostage?”(emphasis added throughout), reporter Chad Blair writes: ” … it will be the seventh time in 10 days that conferees have met on the budget … The hold up, sources tell Civil Beat, is the insistence of House Speaker Calvin Say that the Senate accept Senate Bill 755, a measure granting temporary exemption to environmental law in order to expedite state and county construction projects. There are controversial bills every session, obviously, but SB 755 arguably wins the prize this year. … two lawmakers and a third source well-known in legislative circles say that Say has made passage of SB 755 his No. 1 priority and is playing hardball.”

For whatever nefarious reason(s), Speaker Say really wants this onerous legislation passed and we must do everthing in our power to defeat this SB755.


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