re-commit Resolution 12-57 for Hawaii GMO Labeling

City Council Hearing: re-commit Resolution 12-57 for Hawaii GMO Labeling. Wed 5/9, 10am, at the Pali Golf Course. This is the HPU/Golf Course cross walk on Kamehameha Hwy just before the Castle Junction traffic light. Tell your councilpersons to support GMO Labeling.

You can submit email testimony at There is a glitch in the email forum. In the cc  email addresses are separated by a “;” Change the semi-colon to a comma.
If you want to submit oral testimony, you need to register separately. Go here and select the first line “online speaker registration.” Fill out the forum and press submit.  You will be told you successfully registered, but you will get an email pop up.  You will have to send the email to actually register.  Again you will have to change ; to ,s. If your registration was successful, you will get a confirming email.

If you feel strongly about GMO, please testify.  This is my testimony:

By this testimony, I ask you to recommit resolution 1257 which would require GMO foods to be labeled.

I’m a supporter growth GMO research. However, I realize that the effects of GMO manipulations are not well researched. Frankly, we do not know the impacts of introducing a gene from another species to a plant.

For instance, when we place a gene from wheat into Kalo do we then make Kalo dangerous to people who must remain gluten-free?

For this reason, I asked you require GMO foods be labeled.

I recognize that you may believe that this is a state or even national issue. Yet, you are the representatives of the people of the City and County of Honolulu. The citizens of our County have a right to know if a food has been GMO modified. They have a right to choose what foods they eat.

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