Suggest Issues

We need to start preparing for the next session.  As chair of the Natural Resources Committee (NRC) I am asking you to comment on this post.  The NRC is kind of a catch all committee.  If it doesnʻt fall in the Clean Energy Committee or the Small Farms and Sustainablility Committee it comes to the NRC.

Shoreline set back, near shore fishery recovery and control of invasive species are examples.  Please suggest issues and legislation that you are tracking or you think should be addressed.

We had a few successes at the legislature.  We passed the vulnerable users bill which puts some teeth in the penalties relating to a vehicle accident between a car and a pedestrian or bicyclist.  It passed due to very effective lobbying by the Hawaii Bicycle League and their supporters.

If you have legislation you want passed at the next session, now is the time to start building support both at the legislature and with the grass roots public.  The Caucus can help you do that, but we cannot do it for you.

We need people who are passionate about an issue and will work to see it resolved.


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