Did you hear, TV channels are running out of space for TV campaign commercials.  Being a smart business person, Gov Lingle made sure we can watch her infomercials.  She bought cable channel 110 on Oceanic Cable to make sure we can hear everything she has to say.  Check it out, click here

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  1. Maurice Morita

    I don’t think its proper to put something about Governor Lingle been a smart business woman on the “DEMOCRATIC PARTY” Environmental Caucus website or email. It could be an innocent error but one could take it the Demcratic Party Caucus is supporting Governor Linda Lingle who is a Republican. Maurice Morita

    • Aloha Maurice,

      This caucus certainly does not support Ex-Govenor Lingle. However, this blog is for discussion, and we do not sensor our members. I appreciate your comment, and thank you for joining in the discussion.

      Lynn Marie Sager
      Caucus Chair

      PS Please let me know what post you are referring to, and I will look into it and find out if one of our members has not followed posting protocol. I certainly don’t remember ANY post which indicated Caucus support for Ex-Gov. Lingle.

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