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I just received this notice from Sen. Ihara today. Thought you might like to attend.



In case you haven’t heard yet, the first bill to address the PLDC law (SB942) has been scheduled for a hearing by the House Transportation Committee on Wed, Jan. 30, 10am, in conf. rm. 309. SB942 seems to repeal much of the PLDC law, HRS §171C, including exemptions, but not sure what harmful powers still remain.
Hearing notice —
Bill info/text —

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  1. Thank you! I will do my best to attend. Gh

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  2. Just read HB942 (email mistakenly says SB942). Seem to severely amend Act 55 by changing name and limiting scope somewhat. Stills seems a very bad Bill. Is not a repeal but just a amend and morph. Gh

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  3. Agreed Gary! I received a list of actual repeal bills sent to me by Hawaii Thousand Friends. I’m thinking the one to get behind is SB 245 – Introduced by L. Thielen, Baker, Ihara, Ruderman, Slom

    Here is the link:

    Here is the full list:

    As of this posting, none of the PLDC bills have been scheduled for a hearing. If you want any or all repeal PLDC bills to be heard, call or email the committee chair(s) and ask that the bill(s) be heard.


    Contact and Committee Information:

    List of Senators by Island

    List of Representatives by Island


    1-18-13 Star-Avertiser article:

    PLDC Repeal on Governor’s Desk


    Repeal PLDC (Act 55) bills

    Senate Bills

    SB 1 – Introduced by Hee

    SB 245 – Introduced by L. Thielen, Baker, Ihara, Ruderman, Slom

    SB 338 – Introduced by Keith-Agaran, Baker, English

    SB 480 – Introduced by English

    SB 663 – Introduced by Green, Ruderman

    SB 780 – Introduced by Slom

    SB 958 – Introduced by Kim
    House Bills

    HB 9 – Introduced by C. Thielen

    HB 82 – Introduced by Carroll

    HB 110 – Introduced by Hanohano, Lowen, Evans

    HB 226 – Introduced by Souki

    HB 317 – Introduced by Johanson, Cheape, Fale, Fukumoto, Mcdermott, Thielen, Ward

    HB 454 – Introduced by Souki (b/r) (by request of someone else)

    HB 589 – Introduced by Kawakami, Ito, Say, Takayama, Tsuji, Choy, Cullen

    HB 1133 – Introduced by Evans, Awana, Brower, Cheape, Coffman, Fale, Fukumoto, Hanohano, Hashem, Ing, Johanson, C. Lee, Mcdermott, Mckelvey, Mizuno, Morikawa, Saiki, Takumi, Thielen, Aquino, Cachola, Nishimoto


    Repeal PLDC (Act 55) and Act 282

    Act 282 passed in 2011 transfers Honokohau and Ala Wai harbors to the PLDC, establishes the Aloha Stadium special fund and defines public land as – Lands which are set aside by the qovernor to the public land development corporation; lands leased to the public land development corporation by any department or agency of the State; or lands to which the public land development corporation holds title in its corporate capacity.
    HB 352 – Introduced by Lowen, Hanohano, C. Lee, Thielen, Evans, Ing, Morikawa, Onishi


    Repeal Act 282 only

    SB 246 – Introduced by L. Thielen, Ruderman, Ihara, Slom

    SB 781 – Introduced by Slom

    SB 866 – Introduced by Ihara, Baker, Keith-Agaran, Ruderman

    HB 8 – Introduced by Thielen


    Lynn: Attached is testimony I submitted on HB942 FYI. Chuck

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