Environmental Caucus General Meeting Date Update

Due to renovations, Democratic Party Headquarters is not available on the original date and we have not found another suitable location on such short notice. That being the case, we have opted to postpone the next General Meeting until Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

If renovations are completed on time, the meeting will be at our usual location, Democratic Party Headquarters–Ward Warehouse.

If we need to relocate, we will send an update.

So here is the new and improved General Meeting announcement. Thank you for your patience.


You are invited to
A General Membership Meeting
of the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii
Date April 24, 2013

Meeting Agenda:

Door opens: 6:00
Sign in and meet with your Caucus Subcommittee chairs,
regarding issues that you and they feel are important.

6:30 Call to order–followed by an introduction of our Candidates for Molokai Rep.
Candidates Water Ritte and Kahono Helm will each speak for five minutes
followed by a ten minutes session of questions and answers.
We expect the candidates will be speaking from Moloka’i via Internet

6:50 or so
Members write out and turn in their votes (Charley Ice to count and oversee).
While votes are counted, Bill Sager, Chair of our Natural Resources Subcommittee will report on important bills still in play and need of your testimony. (Ten minutes?)

7:00 Charley Ice to announce the vote outcome.

Following vote announcement
7:00 – 8:00 (tentatively)
Special Guest Speakers to discuss GMO bills and the Right to Know:
Upcoming GMO Labeling Laws in our State and how you can add your voice.
(speaker details to follow)

Secretary Report (five minutes)
Treasury Report (five minutes)
Chair Report (five minutes)

Special announcements and Pau Hana

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