General Membership Meeting Schedule 2017

Members of the Environmental Caucus
Democratic Party of Hawaii.
Mark your calendars for our 5 General Meetings this year.
Democratic Party Headquarters:  627 South Street, Honolulu, HI
*teleconferencing offered at each meeting/details to be emailed/ facebook posted:
     7:00 p.m. Wednesday
February 1st
April 5
July 5
October 4
December 6
Please select your preferred focus
for working with us on Legislation and/or Education
in our Sub-committees:
>Natural Resources
>Energy & Climate
>Food & Sustainability
Marilee Wallace has agreed to Chair our group,
vacating her Vice Chair to Alan Burdick.
Elliot Van Wie has resigned as Chair to work with other environmental organizations effective 1/11/17.
We need leadership and YOU
to advocate, advance our agenda
and respond to environmental degradation.
Legislative issues getting our attention:
  • Styrofoam (Polystyrene): as the bill to ban thus failed last session, we are determined to succeed; Big Island is pressuring take-outeries to step up on this.
  • Oxybenzone:  a component of sunscreens causing coral bleaching/death and marinelife harm.
  • Herbicide spraying setbacks, I.e., schools and hospitals.
  • _______________________________________________________
  • We are vigilant, persistent and dedicated
  • to protecting our priceless environment.
  • Join us in person or by phone.
  • Call-in details will be sent to you via
  • email prior to February 1st.
  • Mahalo for caring and joining our actions.
                                      Stridently, Marilee Wallace, Chair

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