You may have already heard that a dear friend to many of us and co-founder of the Environmental Caucus, Marjorie Ziegler passed away earlier this week. In remembrance of her and her legacy as the ‘Godmother of the Environmental Caucus’ we would like to share some thoughts from two other long term members that knew her and worked along side her to protect Hawaii for all of us. She and her life’s work will be honored this evening by the Conservation Council for Hawaii at their Annual Awards & Membership Dinner. Details are at the bottom of this email.

Vice Chair Alan Burdick, remembers Marjorie:

“I first got to know Marjorie when I was a Sierra Club leader in the late 1980s. She was there ahead of me. She worked as a researcher for the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, now known as Earthjustice, on among other things the Palila case – a successful lawsuit to restore habitat for this forest bird whose last spaces on earth, on Hawaii Island, were being trampled by feral sheep and goats.

Since then, Marjorie was the distinguished Executive Director of the Conservation Council for Hawaii. Among other things, she helped lead the grassroots efforts to establish the Papahanaumokuakea Marine Natural Monument, and protect it from political encroachments by fishing interests.

Marjorie also kept our Environmental Legislative Network functioning – before, at the beginning of, and during each session of the Legislature, Marjorie would call together representatives of Hawaii’s multiple environmental organizations to compare notes and form alliances over legislative efforts.

She also helped establish the DPH Environmental Caucus and keep us going when we encountered difficulties, including especially the period in late 2016 and early 2017 when we were in the doldrums.”

From Lisa Hinano Rey, former Secretary of Environmental Caucus:

“I remember one day Marjorie called me because the effort was just underway to expand Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. Marjorie called me personally to ask for the Environmental Caucus to formally sign on as one of the Environmental Organizations who were appealing for the expansion of PMNM, and we needed to act quickly she said.  Juanita, (our former chair), and I circulated an emergency vote and by 4pm the same day we had drafted a formal letter of support.  Today, the Environmental Caucus DPH can be proud to be one of the first organizations that acted quickly to support the initiative.”

“Marjorie was a co-founder, long standing contributor and collaborator with the Environmental Caucus.  She was a wise and fierce activist who through her perseverance and dedication has made lasting impact on the environmental community in Hawaii and beyond. The legislative priorities that were most near to her heart included funding for protection against invasive species, native forests protection and restoration, preserving Hawaii’s biodiversity including protection for endangered and threatened species and ending unlimited collection of reef species.”
CCH Annual Meeting & Tribute to Marjorie Ziegler
Tonight, 10/20/18: 6p-9:30pm
St. Louis Alumni Association
916 Coolidge Street
Honolulu, HI 96826

You may still join and pay at the door for $50.00 a person. If you plan to do so, please leave a voicemail on their office number at 808.593.0255.

“At the request of numerous friends and supporters of Marjorie, the CCH Board of Directors has established a Marjorie Ziegler Legacy Fund to help further the legacy of her important conservation work and commitment to the wildlife and wild places of Hawai’i. Donations to the Fund will be dedicated exclusively to initiatives and programs that conserve, restore and protect Hawaii’s native flora, fauna and remaining habitats.” CCH Press Release 10/16/18

I hope we can all live up to her legacy and honor her memory by continuing her work as fierce defenders of our natural resources.

Thank you,

Lana Olson

Chair, ECDPH

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