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The Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi is dedicated to identifying and publicizing issues that are critical to the preservation and restoration of the environment at world, national, state, and local levels. The organization will investigate, create position papers, advocate for, and propose legislation in support of environmental causes. In carrying out these tasks, the Environmental Caucus will be guided by environment related party platform planks and resolutions adopted at the state party convention.

The Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi hopes that you will join us in securing an environmentally sustainable future for Hawaiʻi and its ʻOhana.

To view our full 2011 bylaws click here

DRAFT Bylaws 2020




Steering Committee


Interim Chair:
Alan Burdick (Oʻahu)

Interim Vice Chair:
Melodie Aduja (Oʻahu)

Jeff McKnight (Hawaiʻi)



At Large: Christopher “Topher” Dean (Hawaiʻi)

At Large: Charley Ice (Oʻahu)

At Large: John Miller (Maui)


DPH SCC Non-Female Representative:
Jun Shin (Oʻahu)

DPH SCC Non-Male Representative:
Martha Randolph (Oʻahu)

Subject Committees

Outreach Committee Chair:
Natalia Hussey-Burdick (Oʻahu)

Food and Farm Sustainability Committee Co-Chairs:
Charley Ice (Oʻahu) & Hattie Gerrish (Hawaiʻi)

Energy and Climate Committee Chair:

Natural Resources Committee Acting Chair:
Robert Culbertson (Hawaiʻi) 

        Human Environmental Impacts Committee Chair:
        Melodie Aduja (Oʻahu) 



Contact Us

email:  ecodemhi@gmail.com

facebook: Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii

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