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Add your voice to the growing opposition to all things Roundup!! The Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii has taken up the position that consumers have the RIGHT TO KNOW the truth about GMO, Roundup and Monsanto seed … Continue reading


Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Saturday, June 1, at the Doris Duke Theatre

For information only.  Blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the Environmental Caucus or the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is coming to Hawaiʻi on Saturday, June 1st, at … Continue reading


Hawaii native forest watersheds threatened

While climate change will increasingly stress our native forest watersheds in most immediate threat is the impact of feral plants and animals.  Without strong management intervention our native forests will be destroyed by feral animals and invasive plants. Quarantine and … Continue reading

Legislative Wrapup 2013

Thanks to Donna Wong of Hawaii Thousand Friends here is a legislative wrap for bills she was tracking.  Caucus member please do a wrap for those bills you were tracking.  It is important for us all to know how are legislators voted on important bills. Click here

SB1171, which would allow construction projects to go forward without full surveys

For information only.  Not a policy of the Democratic Party.

You may be interested in this rally that the Hawaiian community is planning to oppose SB1171, which would allow construction projects to go forward without full surveys (such as the approach used for the H-3 project).  Tuesday April 30, 8:30-12:30, wear red.

Here is a summary of concerns regarding SB1171, the bill that they are trying to pass on Tuesday. The community needs to flip 5 senators to kill the bill:

Roundup may be the most dangerous herbicide on the Planet

This post is for information and doesnʻt reflect a policy of the Democratic Party of Hawaii.

Peer review study by independent scientists shows Monsantoʻs claim that Roundup is is as safe as aspiring is a lie.  Impacts on health are broad.

Read more.

Testimony needed-Protect the Iwi

Oppose SB1171 which allow a project to move forward before a cultural survey is completed.  Starting a project with an incomplete survey will endanger cultural sites because the project may be to far advanced to make necessary changes.  Click here for more details.

Testimony needed – HB903 to reduce non-point source pollution

HB 903 is a dramatic improvement to the state’s polluted runoff .  Click here for details.

Testimony needed

Repeal PLDC.  Sen Solomon is playing political games again.  Tell her to pass a clean bill.  Click here for details.

Support Watershed Management and Invasive Spp control. Click here for details.

Testimony needed PLDC Dirty Dozen Bills to be heard tomorrow in WAM

Submit your Comments to WAM today.  For more information click here.