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Legislative Deadlines Looming

The first decking is March 1st.  That is when surviving bills will cross over to the opposite legislative body.  Any bill that does not cross over is dead.

The first lateral is must be filed by February 14.  That means a bill must be filed by the clerks office by the 14th so it can move to its final assigned committee.  With a 48hr notice of hearing, double referal bills must be schedule for a hearing by February 12 and triple referal bills must be scheduled for hearing in the second committee by February 5.

If you have a triple referral bill that has not been passed to the second committee, now is the time to bring pressure to have you bill heard. 
Know and understand the internal deadlines for your bill.  Organize you bills supporters and make your desire for a hearing known to the committee chair who is holding it up. 

Everyone needs to know the actions each legislator takes on important environmental legislation.  Let us know hear.

As a Democratic Party Caucus we cannot support one Democratic Legislator over another, but we can certainly share the voting record of our legislators.  We can also recognize supporters of good and bad legislation.