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Testimony needed

Repeal PLDC.  Sen Solomon is playing political games again.  Tell her to pass a clean bill.  Click here for details.

Support Watershed Management and Invasive Spp control. Click here for details.

SB620 last surviving styrofoam bill

This is the last surviving styrofoam reduction bill in the legislature.  Does anyone want to advocate for this bill.

Styrofoam has been identified a serious threat to all life in the sea.  It mimick food use by marine life and kills marine life and sea birds.

This bill is currently scheduled for hearing on 2/10 and must pass out of committee to survive.  This could be a very short commitment.  If you need help to advocate contact Bill at 258-4019 for some quick training in tracking and testifying.

Controlling styrofoam is high on the Caucus priority list.  How high will be determined by how many members choose to support this bill.

Repeal Act 55

The following post represents the position of the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party and is not an official position of the Democratic Party of Hawaii.

The House of Representatives is hearing a number of bills about the Public Lands Development Corporation tomorrow (Saturday). You can submit testimony simply by sending in an email (if this link doesn’t work, the email addresses are below). Suggested talking points are also below. Please include your name, the bill number you are supporting/opposing, and the date/time (Saturday, February 8, 9:00 a.m.).

I’m supporting HB 1133 and HB 589 as the two bills that would repeal the PLDC. I’m also opposing HB 942, HB 219, HB 593, and HB 1134 because they don’t repeal the PLDC.

But if you want to have a lot of fun, please join us in appearing in person. We’ll be at the State Capitol in the auditorium (located on the very bottom floor, near the parking area). Politicians are easily influenced by large groups of people. Let’s have a party together and make sure our voices are heard!

Environmental Caucus testimony follows:

Act 55 creates the Public Land Development Corp.(PLDC). The PLDC is mandated to maximize the dollar return from public lands.  Their mission is to enter into public/private partnerships to maximize the economic return from public lands.  Their focus is on tourist development.

So far so good.  Public/Private partnership have many benefits. But Act 55 his deeply flawed and must be repealed.

1. Act 55 exempts the PLDC from all permitting requirements including county zoning laws and building permits.  There is no reason government projects should be exempted from our laws designed to make sure all projects are will planned and designed.

2. Act 55 exempts the PLDC from the government procurement process.  This opens the door to fraud and corruption. 

3. Act 55 gives DLNR two Boards of Directors.  The PLDC can initiate projects which ignore the BLNR land use management plans.  The PLDC can do whatever it wants on public lands without significant citizen over site and without any consideration of existing management plans.

4. The Board of the PLDC is made up of 5 individuals whose expertise is in land development.  There are no land managers of cultural practitioners on their board.  Absolute control over all public land is tremendous power to give five people.

5. The PLDC has the authority to define the adjoining land owners who benefit from their development and assess their property for the cost of development infrastructure.  This places the infrastructure development costs on property owners rather on than on the developers.

There is much more wrong with Act 55 but I donʻt want to write a book.  Act 55 must be repealed and we must start over with proper safeguards and with public participation in the discussion.  You know that the legislation resulting in Act 55 was amended at the last minute and even most legislators didnʻt realize the changes when they voted.

Supporters of Act 55 say the weaknesses in the Act can be correct in rule making.  As legislators you understand that legislation provides the legal framework that guides Government.  Rules are immaterial when the enabling legislation is flawed.

Act 55 is deeply flawed and must be repealed.  However, while the community focuses on the PLDC the Administration has introduce legislation to create the HLDC.  The HLDC as proposed will be the PLDC on steroids.

Watch all proposals to eliminate permitting requirements from public project.  The Governorʻs efforts to expedite his projects without permitting “interference” must be stopped.

You can submit email testimony here:




For more information about the Public Lands Development Corporation, please see GrandTheftAina.com.

Biannual General Meeting and Election of Officers

Please Join

The Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi

At its Biannual General Meeting and Election of Officers

The meeting will take place during the State Democratic Convention

May 26, 2012

6:00 p.m.

Sheraton Waikiki ·

2255 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

 (Please visit Convention Information desk or

Environmental Caucus Table for exact room number)

All Caucus Members are encouraged to be present at this general meeting,

so you need not be a delegate at the State Convention to attend.

Neighbor Island member may attend via phone and/or internet

Contact lynnmariesager@gmail.com for password and login informatiom

We will be electing our Officers for the next two years.

Positions up for reelection include:


Vice Chair



At Large One

At Large Two

At Large Three

Oahu County Distric 1 Representative*

Oahu County Distric 2 Representative*

East Hawaii County Representative*

West Hawaii County Representative*

Maui County Representative*

Molokai County Representative*

Lanai County Representative*

Kauai County Representative*

(*Must live in the county/district they represent)

If you are interested in serving on our Executive Committee,

you may review officer qualifications and duties on our website

Look under documents/bylaws


 or simply google Environmental Caucus Hawaii

Turning a good bill bad

Bill SB2782 is scheduled to be heard by FIN on Tuesday, 04-03-12 4:00PM in House conference room 308.

FIN will vote on HD2.

HD2 amends SB 2782 to fund the Governors Watershed Initiative by robbing other severely underfunded conservation programs to fund the Governorʻs Watershed initiative.

This is a perfect example of the fun and games that goes on at the legislature to turn a good bill bad.

Tell Rep Oshiro to oppose HD2.  Call his office at 586-6200, testify in person if you can and submit you written testimony at http://capitol.hawaii.gov.

Blue spot zoning in Waianae

C&C 10:45 Tuesday 3/4 the BLUE SPOT, as was contained within the Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan that sought to designate a regional park in the Nanakuli area, will be discussed in the form of Resolution 12-75 and voted upon in the Parks and Cultural Affairs Committee.

Environmental advocates needed

We just emailed the December Newsletter. If you didn’t get it you need to join the Environmental Caucus Mailing list http://goo.gl/uLSWQ.

When you want to add your thoughts to an issue currently before the Environmental Council go to our discussion of issues at http://goo.gl/b73SW. You will need to log into your Google account. If an issue you would like to have discussed is not in this list, or if you have problems, contact Bill Sager at bsager42@gmail.com.

When you want to advocate for or against legislation there are two tools that are indispensable. You need to understand how to use the Hawaii Policy Portal and you need to know how to track legislation using the Legislative Reference Bureau’s website.  Email bsager42@gmail.com when you need help. One of the primary goals of the Environmental Caucus is to help you become a more effective Environmental Advocate.

When you are working on any environmental issue, please let us know what it is.  If it is an issue the Environmental Caucus supports, we can help you.  There is strength in numbers, and our goal is to Malama Hawaii by supporting the environmental community’s advocacy efforts, initiating our own legislation when needed, enabling a strong environmental commitment in the Democratic Party platform and by developing a strong cadre of environmental advocates.  We need to work together.