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A fox in sheeps clothing

This analysis is thanks to Hawaii Thousand Friends.  It is not an official position of the Hawaii Democratic Party


– PLDC –
A new name, same purpose

HB 942 Harbors and Parks Development Authority (HPDA)

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Hearing on HB 942:  Wednesday 1/30

Submit testimony online: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/submittestimony.aspx

HB 942 – introduced by Souki by request (b/r) as part of Governor’s package
Converts PLDC to the Harbors and Parks Development Authority (HPDA) to “make optimal use of harbors and park lands” which would “serve the State and its people better if managed and developed into suitable recreational and leisure centers”
Defines all harbors and parks lands as all state boating facilities and parklands under DLNR
Gives HPDA the authority to identify harbors and park lands that are suitable for development such as:
State parks: Diamond Head (Oahu), Kokee (Kauai), Hapuna (Big Islnd), Makena Beach State Recreational Area (Maui), Palaau (Molokai)

Small boat harbors: Kaunakakai (Molokai), Manele (Lanai), Waianae (Oahu), Port Allen (Kauai), Honokohau (Big Island), Maalaea (Maui)
Like PLDC, HPDA can: do marketing analysis to determine the best revenue-generating programs for harbors and park lands; enter into public-private agreements to appropriately develop harbors and park lands
Permissible uses of harbors and park land same as PLDC: office space; vehicular parking; commercial uses; accommodations (i.e. hotels, homes, vacation rentals, time share); fueling facilities; storage and repair facilities; and seawater air conditioning plants.
Keeps same PLDC board structure substituting OHA administrator for Director of Finance
Like PLDC, HPDA shall prepare the Hawaii harbors and park land optimization plan
Like PLDC, harbors and park land planning activities of the authority shall be coordinated with county planning departments, county land use plans, policies and ordinances
Like PLDC, HPDA HRS 171C-8 states “All harbors and park lands optimization projects, land development plans developed by the authority SHALL be approved by the board. (Note: No set of rules can mitigate or over rule the word SHALL because it is in the law. Leaving no opportunity for denial)
DLNR cannot transfer harbors or park lands in fee simple to HPDA
Like PLDC, HPDA creates the Harbors and Parks development revolving fund; can acquire by condemnation, real, personal or mixed property for public facilities including streets, sidewalks, parks, schools and other public improvements
HPDA can seek assistance from HDCA (Hawaii Community Development Authority) regardless of whether the development opportunities are within a community development district which are: Kaka`ako, Kalaeloa (Barbers Point) and Heeia on Oahu and Hamakua on the Big Island.
Adds PLDC Chapter 171C to the definition of “public work” under Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) 104 Wages and Hours of Employees on Public Works
Deletes “public school special fund” which can now be found in SB 237  http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/measure_indiv.aspx?billtype=SB&billnumber=237
Deletes “project facility program” which can now be found in HB 557  http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2013/bills/HB557.htm

Environmental advocates needed

We just emailed the December Newsletter. If you didn’t get it you need to join the Environmental Caucus Mailing list http://goo.gl/uLSWQ.

When you want to add your thoughts to an issue currently before the Environmental Council go to our discussion of issues at http://goo.gl/b73SW. You will need to log into your Google account. If an issue you would like to have discussed is not in this list, or if you have problems, contact Bill Sager at bsager42@gmail.com.

When you want to advocate for or against legislation there are two tools that are indispensable. You need to understand how to use the Hawaii Policy Portal and you need to know how to track legislation using the Legislative Reference Bureau’s website.  Email bsager42@gmail.com when you need help. One of the primary goals of the Environmental Caucus is to help you become a more effective Environmental Advocate.

When you are working on any environmental issue, please let us know what it is.  If it is an issue the Environmental Caucus supports, we can help you.  There is strength in numbers, and our goal is to Malama Hawaii by supporting the environmental community’s advocacy efforts, initiating our own legislation when needed, enabling a strong environmental commitment in the Democratic Party platform and by developing a strong cadre of environmental advocates.  We need to work together.