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Testimony needed – HB903 to reduce non-point source pollution

HB 903 is a dramatic improvement to the state’s polluted runoff .  Click here for details.

Testimony needed

Repeal PLDC.  Sen Solomon is playing political games again.  Tell her to pass a clean bill.  Click here for details.

Support Watershed Management and Invasive Spp control. Click here for details.

Turning a good bill bad

Bill SB2782 is scheduled to be heard by FIN on Tuesday, 04-03-12 4:00PM in House conference room 308.

FIN will vote on HD2.

HD2 amends SB 2782 to fund the Governors Watershed Initiative by robbing other severely underfunded conservation programs to fund the Governorʻs Watershed initiative.

This is a perfect example of the fun and games that goes on at the legislature to turn a good bill bad.

Tell Rep Oshiro to oppose HD2.  Call his office at 586-6200, testify in person if you can and submit you written testimony at http://capitol.hawaii.gov.