Testify in support of Olelo – deadline April 5

We ask you to submit testimony to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) in support of Oleloʻs application for a license to continue providing public access TV to Oahu.

You can email catv@dcca.hawaii.gov, fax 586-2625, or mail DCCA-CATV, P.O. Box 541, Honolulu, HI 96809

Some points you may want to cover are:

•    Why is public access important to you?
•    What is your personal experience with Olelo’s staff and services?
•    How has Olelo made a difference in your life? To your organization?
•    What additional service would you like Olelo to add?
•    Why should the DCCA renew Olelo’s contract?
Whatever you can do to help Olelo secure a new contract and protect public access in Hawaii is greatly appreciated.

Why is Olelo important to the Environmental Caucus?

Because Olelo produces our workshops that are broadcast live on the Internet so our members statewide can participate in our meetings.  I then edit these shows into half hour segments that Olelo can continue to broadcast and stream to the internet.  OLELO IS OUR VOICE TO HAWAII.

I attended the DCCA. Thursday evening March 27 and gave personal testimony as an Olelo producer. We listen to oceanic Time Warner call Olelo a corrupt, ineffective organization that should have its budget slashed and its organization dismembered. Their testimony was countered by about 30 very passionate Olelo producers who recounted how positively Olelo has affected their lives. Olelo is the voice of our community.

Be aware that Oceanic Time Warner is a very powerful foe of public access television in Hawaii. Every year, Oceanic introduces legislation designed to both breakup Olelo as an organization and to slash the Olelo budget. Oceanic takes every opportunity to attack Olelo as they did last night in the DCCA hearing.

Only your voice can preserve our axis to community-based public television. Take a moment now to express your support for Olelo to the DCCA. The deadline for your testimony is April 5. For more information go to FreeSpeechHawaii.org.

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